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If this is your first visit, make sure to check the FAQ by clicking the link above. You might need to register before you after: click on the link ' register ', to continue. Registration is $1 in this forum write. Viewing messages, select the Forum that you want to visit from the list below. Sign up a free URC network within minutes and you can send more than 100 + categories Forum, search a dozen arguments stored message exchange with other members, upload pictures, photo galleries, and much more! UNIFIED MESSAGING. Yes. Basically a MT with a transsexual Takne on. They can be converted to change to an other transvestites. However, it was not Lexan shell. Thanks for the comments guys really appreciate. Unfortunately, I got more confused more research. JANG for my confusion blamed, because he before some videos about their spectra recently and did not know that the caterpillars have gone so quickly! My son is now a robot, but I won't have much luck, a spider, Tamiya, we do not find the competition-ready in a robot and is mainly for look and surprising, refuses to overcome against a crawler and then with a body crawl on the rocks of PROLINE to give a glimpse of balance. You can buy a Xtreme Blackfoot at any time for me, so my son has the experience to a Tamiya build, Devils, for a large segment of the report same price compare the advantages and disadvantages between models!I think JANG, my head, trying to find out how to take it through hit 30 mph. slow to parse. Perhaps it is best to buy two cars with their fate. Of course, I think that the xtreme no review forum Blackfoot can manage a system without a soft brush, which is about 30 km/h, Ah was! Not every bill and improved parts, which I mentioned earlier, the Blackfoot can handle extreme light without problems to worry brushless motor, is a terrible Web crawler his lol. Final wait yes kidding with him, is the best, .